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Rewardful is a simple way for companies to setup referral programs with Stripe.

Just connect your account and let us track referrals, discounts, and commissions for you!

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Growing a business
is super hard.

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Everyone knows it’s hard (and expensive) to grow a SaaS business, especially in the early days. We have limited time and resources, so we need all the help we can get.

Referred customers are better customers.

Referred customers tend to
  • have higher conversion rates
  • have higher lifetime value
  • have lower churn
  • refer other customers
Used by these awesome companies
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Justin Jackson
Justin Jackson, MegaMaker
It's referral software for Stripe, and it's everything I've ever wanted: simple setup, deep integration with Stripe, and well-designed.
Spencer Fry
Spencer Fry
Every other affiliate platform we looked at was either insanely expensive or full of bugs — and sometimes both. Rewardful has been rock solid, and took less than 15 minutes to install. It’s the perfect referral solution for SaaS companies using Stripe.
Chris Oliver GoRails
Chris Oliver
GoRails, Hatchbox
My business growth has relied on referrals, but other affiliate software was a pain to setup so I avoided it for years. Rewardful is different. I only had to change two lines of code and, voila, I now have a working affiliate program. I highly recommend Rewardful if you're looking to setup a referral program in your app.
Ward Sandler MemberSpace
Ward Sandler
MemberSpace CEO
Rewardful is a joy to use! The simplicity of setup along with the clean and minimalistic UI are just fantastic. They have also been a wonderful and helpful integration partner with MemberSpace which really allowed us to expand our platform to more people. Can't recommend them enough!

The leader in Stripe referral marketing

Until now, there haven’t been any seamless referral marketing solutions for companies using Stripe.  Other solutions are complex to set up and break during edgecases, recurring payments, upgrades, downgrades, free trials, and cancellations.
Stripe referral marketing platform
setting referral metadata in Stripe dashboard

Referral tracking software built from the ground up for Stripe

Rewardful’s referral tracking software will do all the tracking and generation of commissions in the background and all your need to do is display them in your app. Since we’re 100% focused on Stripe, Rewardful’s referral tracking integrates deeply with our 2-way Stripe sync.

Completely white label referral software

Using our REST API and webhooks, companies using Stripe can build the entire referral program inside their app. With this in-app white label approach, your users won’t need a separate login for Rewardful. You’ll simply create the referral links with an API request when a new customer signs up and display their rewards directly in their dashboard.
white label referral software

How to setup your Stripe referral program

  1. ✔️ Create your Rewardful account
  2. ✔️ Connect your Stripe account
  3. ✔️ Set your commission rules
  4. ✔️ Add a few lines of referral tracking code
  5. ✔️ Add our REST API endpoints to your app

Create referrer

This endpoint allows merchants to create referrers on demand.

Both normal affiliates and "customer referrers" can be created through this endpoint. To create a customer referrer, simply pass the stripe_customer_id parameter that indicates the Stripe Customer that should receive account credits as rewards.

Show referrer

This endpoint will return some basic details about the referrer and their unique tracking URL, including the number of visitors, leads, and conversions for that referrer.

Update referrer

This endpoint allows merchants to update the referrer’s name and email.

create referrer API endpointshow referrer API endpointupdate referrer API endpoint

Built from the ground up for SaaS and Stripe

Reward your referrers for the quality of customers they refer.  Automatically adjust commissions if referred customers Downgrade, Upgrade, Cancel or embark on a Free Trial.

Two-way Stripe sync

View Rewardful data directly from your Stripe dashboard. The deepest integration with Stripe you'll find.

Flexible, SEO-friendly links

Link to any page on your domain with a simple, clean URL parameter (? via=justin). No ugly re-directs or 3rd party subdomains.

Simple 15-minute setup

Copy and paste one script tag, 2 lines of code and you're done.

Affiliate segments

Create different segments for your customers, strategic partners, resellers, affiliates or whatever you wish.

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