Affordable Pricing

You shouldn't have to raise another round just to see if referral or affiliate marketing works for your business.


Aligned incentives and a plan that scales with the value you get.

+ 9% Transaction fee
  • unlimited revenue from affiliates
  • unlimited active affiliates
  • unlimited visitors
  • all integrations
  • REST API access
  • Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Growth features available as $25/month add-on
Transaction fee is based on total revenue from affiliates.
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Best for new companies just starting out with affiliate or referral marketing.

0% Transaction fee
  • up to $5000/month from affiliates
  • unlimited affiliates
  • unlimited visitors
  • all integrations
  • REST API access
  • Single Sign On (SSO)
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Most popular


Best for growing companies with a strong & established brand.

0% Transaction fee
  • up to $15,000/month from affiliates
  • unlimited affiliates
  • unlimited visitors
  • all integrations
  • REST API access
  • Single Sign On (SSO)
  • unlimited campaigns
  • whitelabel
  • custom domain
  • Growth features
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Best for large companies with a high volume of affiliate transactions.

0% Transaction fee
  • unlimited revenue from affiliates
  • unlimited active affiliates
  • unlimited visitors
  • all integrations
  • REST API access
  • Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Enterprise features
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"It's affiliate software for Stripe, and it's everything I've ever wanted:
- simple setup
- deep integration with Stripe
- well-designed"
Justin Jackson, MegaMaker
"My business growth has relied on referrals, but other affiliate software was a pain to setup so I avoided it for years. Rewardful is different. I only had to change two lines of code and, voila, I now have a working affiliate program. I love that it tells me when payments are ready to make so I don't have to micromanage my affiliates. I highly recommend Rewardful if you're looking to setup a referral program in your app."
Chris Oliver
GoRails, Hatchbox
"Of all the solutions we looked at, Rewardful was by far the easiest way to get our affiliate program up and running. Their team has been super responsive and have gone out of their way to help us get started. With Rewardful we can feel confident knowing we'll never have to worry about how we'll manage our affiliate program."
Michael Folling
Limitless Designs
Two-way Stripe sync

View Rewardful data directly from your Stripe dashboard. The deepest integration with Stripe you'll find.

Flexible, SEO-friendly links

Link to any page on your domain with a simple, clean URL parameter (? via=justin). No ugly re-directs or 3rd party subdomains.

Simple 15-minute setup

Copy and paste one script tag, 2 lines of code and you're done. We put in the extra effort, so you don't have to.

SSL encryption

Ensure your data is secure, encrypted and meets modern compliance requirements.
We'll even automatically issue free SSL certificates for your custom domain.

Customer Lifecycle Tracking

Automatically adjusts commissions for upgrades, downgrades, cancellations and free trials.

Refund Handling

Rewardful will automatically recalculate commissions when an invoice is fully or partially refunded.

Commission Alerts

We'll remind you by email and in your dashboard when commissions are due and it's time to pay affiliates.

Impersonate Affiliates

View any affiliate's dashboard with a single click so you can see what they see.

Merchant Dashboard

Your dashboard highlighting your program's stats & KPIs. Viewable in aggregate or dive deep into the details of each transaction.

Affiliate Dashboard

A personalized dashboard for each affiliate or partner in your program. Here, they can manage their links and check their performance.

New Commission Emails

We'll email you and your affiliate when they've earned a commission to keep them motivated and engaged.

Cross-subdomain Tracking

Most SaaS apps are on subdomains. We'll automatically track across your to with no extra work on your end.

Affiliate Search

Once you scale your program, you shouldn't have to sift through all your affiliates to find someone specific. Quickly find them with our affiliate search.

Affiliate Sort

Quickly find your best affiliates by sorting and ranking them by the most important metrics.

Privacy Built-in

Many affiliate & referral platforms expose sensitive customer data. We redact all sensitive data, while still providing affiliates the transparency they need.

Data Import & Export

We'll help get your data in and out of Rewardful with ease.


Send webhooks to your app or a 3rd party service when certain events occur in your Rewardful account.

Email Integrations

Connect Rewardful to other apps you're already using, like Drip, ConvertKit, MailerLite,, MailChimp and ActiveCampaign.


Build a refer-a-friend program directly into your app using our REST API.

Reporting & Analytics

Quickly see the number of clicks and visitors, active cookies, expired cookies, conversions, commissions, revenue and net revenue (both in aggregate and for each affiliate).

Commission override

You have complete control over commissions. Deactivate future commissions or delete existing ones, if needed.

Manual Commissions

Manually associate a referred customer even if they didn't come through an affiliate link.

Pre-dated Commissions

By the time you manually associate a referred customer their initial invoice may have already been processed. Manually generate commissions on previous invoices if you wish,

Flexible Commissions

Pay one-time or limited-time commissions as an alternative to recurring commissions.

Customizable Cookies

Set your own cookie length to corresponds with your typical sales cycle – or stick with our default.

Custom TOS

Add your own Terms of Service  affiliates must agree to when joining your program with our WYSIWYG editor – or link to your existing TOS.

Bulk invite affiliates

Invite your entire email or customer list to join your affiliate campaign.

Email & Chat Support

We're right here to lend a hand if you get stuck or have questions!


Remove Rewardful branding from your affiliate dashboards and emails.

Brand Customization

Customize your affiliate dashboard with your logo and colors to match your brand.

Multiple Campaigns

Create additional campaigns with different commission amounts, commission structures, or cookie lengths.

Multi-campaign Signup

Let affiliates organically sign up to different campaigns without having to manually re-assign them after signup.

Affiliate Segments

Create different segments for your customers, strategic partners, resellers, affiliates or whatever you wish.

Multiple Currency

Support for receiving payments in multiple currencies. Generate and assign commissions in the same currency the referred customer payed in.

A/B Testing

Affiliates can generate additional custom links with any parameter they want to test the conversion rate & performance of different channels. Performance affiliates love this since they're no longer blind after someone clicks their link.

Mass Payouts

Pay all your affiliates at once in only a few minutes.

Double-sided Incentives

Add a Stripe coupon to a campaign in Rewardful and we'll automatically apply it when someone comes through a valid referral link.


Add additional team members to your account to help manage your affiliate program.

Custom Domains

Use your own domain or subdomain (,, – or whatever you'd like!)

Cross-domain Tracking

Automatically track across different root domains.

Note: Cross-subdomain tracking is included in all plans, whereas cross-domain requires Growth.

Affiliate Dashboard Control

Advanced control over how referral data is displayed in your affiliates' dashboard – for partners that need it.

Customizable Tokens

Allow your affiliates or partners to use a company name or anything they'd like as their unique tracking token.

Private Campaigns

Lock down your campaign to create an exclusive – invite only – program.

Custom Rewards

Reward your advocates with anything you'd like – not just cash or credits.

Custom Scripts

Add custom HTML and scripts to your affiliate dashboard.

Custom Features

Custom feature development and prioritization of new features.

Custom Agreement

Need an agreement outside our standard Terms of Service? We'll work with your legal team on an Enterprise-level agreement, custom DPA or other documentation to satisfy their requirements.

24/7 Phone Support

Direct dial numbers for Rewardful's founders for when you need to get ahold of us outside normal business hours.

At Rewardful, our customers drive our roadmap. and vote on what we should build next.

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